The importance of sleep

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep to feel well. However, the number of hours’ sleep we need varies from person to person.

A bad night’s sleep affects the way you feel. It is difficult to concentrate; the ability to learn and remember things is affected. You can’t get as much done if you haven’t had the rest you need and poor sleep also leads to a poor immune defence.


An adult needs, on average, 7 hours’ full sleep a night. When sleep is disturbed and too short, it is difficult to make up for lost sleep. A good night’s sleep means getting enough continuous sleep and feeling rested in the morning. When you have to get up to urinate during the night, your sleep patterns are disturbed and your sleep quality falls. If this happens regularly, it leads to sleep deficiency and a poorer quality of life.





Remember, it isn’t always a full bladder that wakes you up. There could be other reasons; stress for example. Once you are awake, it is common to get up and urinate “to be on the safe side”. This can lead to the bladder developing the bad habit of expecting to be emptied at night.